One of the quickest, easiest, turnkey business opportunities ever created!

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As Easy as 1...2...3

(1) Watch this 2 minute video by our CEO

(2) Share it with local businesses!

(3) As businesses sign up in your SmartGuy® City Business Network, you get paid $50 per month of the $69 they pay us instantly - whether you refer them or not!

(With up to 1,500 categories of businesses in each , that is A LOT of monthly income!)

or...just send them this link!

After seeing it, they will realize what an AMAZING opportunity this is for only ONE professional per city/category! Then, when they join (whether they tell you or not), you earn $50 of the $69 they pay us each month! How easy is that?

Ask yourself...If someone told you that they would (1) create an article promoting your business, (2) get it to the top of search engines in as little as 2 weeks and (3) promote you on other related articles that are ALREADY on top of search engines for the keywords your customers use to find you, wouldn't you be willing to pay $69? And once they did, continue paying $69 a month to keep boosting it on top of search engines? Of course!


How is this opportunity different from others?


  • Spend less time working while still maximizing your profit.
  • Little to no technical knowledge is needed. SmartGuy® is completely set up and ready to go once you are assigned your city network(s)
  • Back up support via chat, phone and hundreds of other SmartGuy® City business Network leaders like yourself, helping you with any questions, strategies and more
  • Automated systems allow you to focus on simply sharing the marketing materials with others, via email, social networks, etc.
  • Choose the cities you want and market your products or services world wide (subject to availability)
  • Any time a sale is made payments are automated and sent INSTANTLY via PayPal every month!
  • No start up fee and low monthly cost to run your city network(s)

One of the best aspects of SmartGuy® is that it allows you to offer something virtually every business wants and needs, and is virtually automatic! You earn ongoing monthly revenue as they sign up- whether you refer them or not!  SmartGuy® does the work for you. 

SmartGuy® City Networks already Secured

Hundreds of cities already already taken in the past weeks !

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